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ONLINE SHOPPING . worldwide delivery from Lebanon . (24/7) phone: +961 3 602405
Apart from its door-to-door B2C service, supplies restaurants, gourmet stores, cafes and distribution chains located in various locations of the globe, directly from Lebanon.

Since 2000, we have been providing first quality fresh Lebanese ingredients and products from the finest food suppliers in Lebanon. This is a must for chefs, cooks, and supermarkets willing to serve Authentic Lebanese Cuisine to their clientele.
Those goods include Oriental Sweets and Pastries, Confectionaries, Bakery, Halawa and Tahina, Herbs and Spices, Assorted Roasted Nuts, Coffee, Jam, Condiments, Drinks and other.

Ordering from is easy and practical: our centralized logistics and payment system allow you to receive in one shipment hundreds of products from tens of suppliers across Lebanon. Our solution hence avoids you the hassle of contacting and dealing with every supplier separately.

Orders of up to 200 Kg are shipped door-to-door by fast courier.

Wholesalers and distributors willing to import our food products must check with their local authorities whether they need an Import License. It is mandatory for importers to check on the regulations related to food import activities with the customs of the destination country accommodating the foods. Regulations often vary from one country to the other.

Requests involving private labeling are dealt with on a case by case basis.

We do not ship samples for free and thank you for your understanding regarding this issue.

For more information on wholesale prices and inquiries, kindly e-mail us at
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Marrons Glaces
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Marrons Glacés.
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Flowers: 12 Mixed Roses (Rose Surprise)
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12 mixed roses.
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