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Book: Forever Beirut, by Barbara Massaad, 2022
New Release
Brand: N/A
"Forever Beirut" Recipes and Stories from the Heart of Lebanon, is the new cookbook by bestselling author Barbara Massaad. Launched to support the Lebanese Food Bank and help families in dire need of food after the devastating blast and ensuing economic collapse.

Forever Beirut is a collection of 100 easy-to-prepare recipes that celebrate Beiruts rich culinary heritage, its resilience, and healing power. It is Barbaras way of honoring the city of her childhood, her dreams, her Lebanese family kitchen, and the food that roots her.

It is filled with stories and anecdotes about the customs, food, people, and traditions, with sections for soups, salads, breads and savory pastries, mezze, kibbeh, grilling, main dishes, pickles and preserves, and sweets.

Foreword by: Chef Jos Andrs).

256 pages. Published: Summer 2022.
Weight: 1.6 Kgs.
Book: Culinary Adventures, by Hanan Haddad
New Release
Brand: N/A
An everyday cookbook comprised of simple and tasty recipes for all, the aspiring cook to the seasoned kitchen regular.

Passionate about food since an early age, baking and cooking have been a constant in various phases of Hanan's life.

Organized according to meals, this book drives to the core of what cooking means to her - gathering people to break bread.

She loves to entertain and what better way to share her table than with a cookbook filled with the recipes she has collected from all her journeys and adventures?

Features recipes of soups & salads, cheese & veggies, meats & chicken, fish, sweets, drinks, savory pastries & breads.

Date de Publication: June 2022.
Weight: 1.6 Kgs.
Book: Beirut Guilty Pleasures, by Zaven Kouyoumdjian
New Release
Brand: N/A
In Beirut Guilty Pleasures (Kif ma Kent Bhebbak), author Zaven Kouyoumedjian and photographer Ali Shehadi document the rise and fall of many Beiruti landmarks before, during, and after the 1970s Lebanese Civil War, up until the October 17, 2019 uprising and subsequently the aftermath of the Beirut port explosion on August 4, 2020 and the 'COVID19 Era'.

They follow the map of Beirut in a circular motion, starting with the Ports Silos, LOrient, Saint Georges Bay, The Holiday Inn, Burj el Murr, the Teatro, Martyrs Square, the Fist, the Egg, the Connection mural, Beit Beirut, and ending with the National Museum.

This demarcation area which constituted Beiruts golden days and was severely damaged by the war is dissected into rich and rare photographs dating from early 20th Century until the early 21st Century Beirut. Last but not least, the books added value is the background story and unprecedented info about each monument and landmark that might be surprising to some, while interesting to everyone.

Languages: English and Arabic
Format: 24 x 16.5 cm, 296 pages
Publication Date: September 2022
Weight: 1.3 Kgs.
Book: La Derniere Seance, by Antoine Kabbabe, المشهد الأخير, Livre
New Release
Brand: N/A
La Dernire Sance (المشهد الأخير) retrace l'histoire des salles de cinma dans 65 rgions Libanaises depuis 1900.

Ce livre contient 800 photos et 110 illustrations en couleur et 75 affiches, de 225 salles de cinma.

440 pages, French and Arabic, 31 X 23 x 3 cm. Date of publication: July 2022.
Weight: 2.6 Kgs.
Book: Delia - A Survivor's Story by Ariana Papazian
New Release
Brand: Turning Point
On August 4, 2020, sixteen-year-old Ariana was spending the day with her friend and her family in her Beirut apartment. It was a normal day for a normal teenager. But, at 6.10pm a cataclysmic blast ripped through the nearby port of Beirut; destroying her apartment, and killing her beloved mother, Delia. In a second, Arianas safe world was turned upside down.

Delia is the heart rending and visceral story of the chaotic aftermath of the blast and how Ariana gradually rebuilds her life. She recounts how she survives the explosion, escapes her devastated apartment, and reunites with her family in a shattered Beirut.

Over the following months, grief stricken Ariana slowly adjusts to her new life without her mothers guiding hand. She returns to her apartment and to school, she faces her mothers memorial service, and milestone birthdays. She finds solace and healing through writing about her experiences, in her honest and direct style.

This is a universal tale of survival and stoicism, seen through the eyes of a young girl, mature beyond her years, with the courage to lay bare her soul and heart.

14 cm x 21 cm, 128 pages.
Published: April 2022
Weight: 0.26 Kgs.
Book: Open by Tania Khalil
New Release
Brand: Turning Point
Open is a meditation about life on the edge of expansion. Each poem offers a chance of enlightenment, with a bit of grit and raw love. Prepare to embrace the darkness and find the light.

13 cm x 19 cm, 86 pages, English.
Published: April 2022
Weight: 0.3 Kgs.
Book: Room for Me and You,  by Racha Mourtada (for Children)
New Release
Brand: Luqoom
Illustrated by Sasha Haddad.

Once upon a pandemic, the animals came out to play while we humans were away, including three goats thatfranklythink its much nicer when were not around. Yes, were not good at sharing this beautiful planet we call home, but surely we can find ways to make it an inviting place for everyone?

'Room for Me and You' was inspired by the true stories and amazing sightings of animals taking over cities during the 2020 lockdown. It encourages kids (and grownups!) to be more considerate towards all creatures on this wonderful Earth.

Ages: 5+

Format: 26 x 26 cm, 32 pages. Hardcover with gold foil

Release Date: June 11, 2022
Weight: 0.6 Kgs.