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DVD Movie: Heritages by Philippe Aractingi
As he flees Lebanon again in July 2006, director Philippe Aractingi realizes that, like him, his ancestors have been fleeing wars and massacres for five generations.

In a fresco where photos, archives and home videos of his children subtly interact, he tells the story of his family’s travels through the Levant. Heritages (Mirath) is a film about exile, memory and transmission, filled with emotion and honesty.

All Zones, PAL 16/9
Language: Arabic, French, Italian
Movie Subtitles: Arabic, French, English, Spanish
Release Date: 2014

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Bosta (L'Autobus)
Weight: 0.25 Kgs.  Price: $17
DVD Movie: Under the Bombs by Philippe Aractingi
Zeina, a Lebanese woman living in Dubai, sends her son Karim to stay with her sister in Kherbet Selem – a village in the South of Lebanon – to save him from the bickering of the final stages of her divorce.

A few days later, war breaks out. Desperately worried, Zeina heads to Lebanon, via Turkey to find her son.

But because of the blockade, she cannot reach the port of Beirut until the day of the cease-fire. And only one taxi-driver – Tony – will take her to what is now the decimated South.

At first glance, the two are an unlikely match. Although both are originally from South Lebanon, Tony is a Christian whose brother lives in Israel, and Zeina is Shia… But what difference does it really make?

The quest for the missing child sends them on a journey through the war-ravaged South, where their experience of death and tragic loss eventually brings them together.

All Zones, PAL 16/9
Language: Arabic
Movie Subtitles: French, English
Release Date: 2006
Weight: 0.25 Kgs.  Price: $21
DVD: Par le Regard des Meres by Philippe Aractingi
In 1991, the borders reopen in Lebanon. Between documentary and patchwork, this film addresses the issue of war and suffering through a different lens, the woman’s. And more specifically, that of the mother’s.

It reveals the hidden power of those that we have always assumed to be submissive and on the sidelines. These mothers who raised a same people, walking straight towards death.

This is the story of several women from very different religious communities. It is the story of the Druze who finds her son three years after his death, reincarnated in another village. It is the story of the Shiite who teaches her son to follow the path of conflict, and that of the Christian who must avenge her murdered son.

To see this film again today is to recognize the extent to which the ethical plurality it highlights is still of actuality.

All Zones, PAL 16/9
Language: French, English, Arabic
Movie Subtitles: French, English, Arabic
Release Date: 1991
Weight: 0.25 Kgs.  Price: $17