Bracelet: Bhebbak Lebnan,  Red, Leather
Brand: Lyliad
بحبك. Our hearts keep going there. Lebanon.
This handmade red bracelet is a love declaration to a country that has suffered, that is suffering today, but in which we place so much hope for a brighter future.

Made of a double layer of genuine leather, this Unisex bracelet proudly says: Bhebbak ya Lebnen (I love you Lebanon).
Weight: 0.15 Kgs.
Coasters: Square, Blue, Ahlan Wa Sahlan
Brand: Images d'Orient
6 blue أهلاً وسهلاً (Ahla w Sahla) square coasters in PVC. Washable with soap and water.

Designed in Lebanon.
Weight: 0.5 Kgs.
Set of 6
Hrem Lal Laban (Yoghurt Blanket)
New Release
Brand: IRAP, Lebanon (NGO)
Use this blanket to make your traditional homemade labneh, by covering your tupperware containing laban.

Also used for rice.

Dimensions: 75 cm x 75 cm
Weight: 0.8 Kgs.