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About Supplier(s)
Mounir Bissat Factories was founded in Saida in 1904. It is one of the leaders in manufacturing Halawa and Tahina in Lebanon and the Arab world.

It received several distinguished awards for the quality and unique taste of its products, such as:
-Search Institute Award for the top 100 exporters in Lebanon
-International Award Tradition and Prestige - Europe, Brussels
-15th Golden Europe award for quality - New Millennium award, Paris
-5th & 6th International Arab Trophy Geneva
Halawa bi Shokola (Halawa Chocolate)
Brand: Mounir Bissat Factories (1904), Lebanon
Chocolate halawa. Made from Sugar, ground sesame seeds, citric acid, chocolate, geranium natural flavor. For breakfast and dessert. Also called Halva. Net Weight: 900 g.
Weight: 1 Kg.
Box (900 g)
Halawe Seda (Plain Halawa)
Brand: Mounir Bissat Factories (1904), Lebanon
Made of sugar, ground sesame seeds, citric acid and geranium natural flavor. Have your halewe for breakfast and dessert. Delicious with Lebanese bread. Also called halva. Net Weight: 900 g.
Weight: 1 Kg.
Box (900 g)