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CD Toufic Farroukh: Untamed Elegance (2024 Album)
New Release
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Toufic Farroukh's New CD album, released in April 2024.

1. Out of The Blue (Dedicated to Bassam Saba)
2. Silene Dance (Serbian Folk Dance)
3. Caer Ahwak (Zaki Nassif / Christina Rosmini)
4. I Have Been in Berlin (Dedicated to Ziad Rahbani)
5. Nahawand (Dedicated to Silvio Soave)
6. Where is Avo?
7. Sometimes Im Happy (Dedicated to Imad Chami)
8. Janis Bond (saeson1)
9. Bright Eyed
10. La Part des Anges (Dedicated to Kamal Abboudi)
11. Fly Lucy
12. No More Bossa (Dedicated to Antonio Carlos Jobim)
13. Think About It
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CD Georges Khabbaz: Jayi El Iyam
New Release
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Georges Khabbaz latest music album, released in March 2023:


-Hawn (Lena Farah)

-Chattet El Denii (Lena Farah)

-Jayi El Iyam (Lena Farah, Georges Khabbaz)

-October 1976 (Instrumental)

-Ghadi (Lena Farah, Georges Khabbaz)

-Rafqa (Nami) (Lena Farah)

-Daaou (Lena Farah)

-Ella Iza (Instrumental)

-Saaletni El Hourouf (Lena Farah)

-Baalbeck (Lena Farah)

-Mariam (Lena Farah)

-November 1976 (Instrumental)
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