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CD Toufic Farroukh: 8 Original Soundtracks (2022 Album)
New Release
Brand: N/A
Double CD.

8 original motion picture Soundtracks composed, arranged & produced by Toufik Farroukh.

CD 1:

-NOUR, a film by Khalil Dreyfus Zaarour
-BONNE A VENDRE, a film by Dima al Joundi
-TERRA INCONGNITA, a film by Ghassan Salhab
-AL MAHD, a film by Mohamad Malas

CD 2:

-FALAFEL, a film by Michel Kammoun
-UN HOMME D'HONNEUR, a film by Jean Claude Codsi
-A LADDAR TO DAMASCUS, a film by Mohamad Malas
-HISTOIRE D'UN RETOUR, a film by Jean Claude Codsi
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CD Tania Saleh: 10 A.D., 2021 Album
New Release
Brand: N/A
Tania Saleh's new CD. Tracks:

1. Anyone But You : Illa Fik - w+m: Tania Saleh

2. The Fortune Teller : Bassara Barrajeh - w+m:Tania Saleh

3. I Hate Everything : Bikrah - w+m: Tania Saleh

4. A Corner In Your Heart : Korneh Bi Albak - w+m: Tania Saleh

5. You Are Going Astray : Inta Rayeh Fein - w+m: Tania Saleh

6. We Are In a Fix : Halitna Haleh - w+m: Tania Saleh

7. Nameless Relationship : Dim Imma - w+m: Tania Saleh

8. Caveman : Mghara - w+m: Tania Saleh

9. The Fan : El Marwaha - w+m: Tania Saleh

10. The Most Beautiful Love Story : Ahla Osset Gharam - w+m: Tania Saleh

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Weight: 0.12 Kgs.