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-Caf Super Brasil Company was established in Lebanon in 1970. Since its creation, it has grown to become one of Lebanons leading coffee manufacturers.
The Caf Super Brasil story is one of passion, quality and flavor. Its reputation was built and established on its knowledgeable selection and blending of carefully selected coffee beans.

Turkish / Arabic Coffee Recipe:

-Add 1 teaspoonful of Cafe Super Brasil coffee for every 60 ml cup of freshly heated water.
-For a less intense flavor, reduce the quantity of coffee.
-While heating, stir the coffee over the heat until completely dissolved. Remove spoon, do not stir beyond this point.
-Wait until the froth surfaces, then remove from heat source before it boils.
-Allow to settle before enjoying.
Bann  (Roasted Coffee 3.6 Kg Special Offer)
Brand: Cafe Super Brasil, Lebanon
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Premium Lebanese coffee without cardamom in 20 packs of 180 g each. Delicious coffee from Lebanon. Net Weight: 3.6 Kg.

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Weight: 4 Kgs.