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Book: 55 slightly sinister stories, by Racha Mourtada
Brand: Luqoom
Illustrated by Lynn Atme.

55 stories.
55 words each.
No more.
No less.

Size does matter in these delightfully tiny tales populated with narcoleptic drivers, bickering bakers, suspicious spouses and other memorable characters.

Full of dark humour, intrigue and absurdity, this collection of slightly sinister (and occasionally sweet) stories delivers a bite-size reading experience to satisfy any literary craving

Format: 16 x 20 cm, 128 pages. Hardcover

Release Date: June 13, 2019
Weight: 0.5 Kgs.
Book: Beirut to the burbs by Anissa Rafeh
Brand: N/A
From the writer who brought you Miss Guided: How to Step into the Lebanese Glam Lane comes this hilarious book at surviving life in suburban America after 18 years of living it up in Beirut.

Anissa Rafeh tells you all you need to know about essential life skills, like: 1. Microwaving (dinner in two minutes or less), 2. Knowing whats playing on Netflix (every Friday is a holiday), and 3. How to shovel your driveway without chipping a nail (get someone else to do it). Its clear that you can take the girl out of Beirut, but never Beirut out of the girl, especially when it comes to socializing, dating, shopping, and getting picture-perfect.

Leaving her Louboutins back in Beirut, but forever clutching on to her Prada bag, she maneuvers the bumpy transition, taking detours and making wrong turns, but always remembering the number one rule to surviving the burbs: lifes a laugh!

Language: English.
Published: January 2017.
Weight: 0.33 Kgs.
Book: Escape Ghosn, by Michle Standjofski, Mohamad Kraytem, Bandes Dessinees
Brand: N/A
Scnario de Michle Standjofski, Illustr par Mohamad Kraytem.

La cavale et l'vasion de Carlos Ghosn, depuis Tokyo jusqu' Beyrouth, en passant par Osaka et Istanbul, racontes selon un scnario aux ambiances distinctes: des scnes en direct aux couleurs froides, des flash-back aux couleurs chaudes et des images fantasmes hors cadre.
Weight: 0.6 Kgs.
Book: Humor Bundle of 4
Brand: Turning Point
$50  $45
This bundle of four humor titles will get you, your friends and family laughing out loud. Enjoy humorous anecdotes on family relations, history and crazy tales about food and drinks in Bet You Didnt Know This About Beirut.

Take a closer look at Lebanon, a small country with big flavor; in You know youre Lebanese when with its humorous and light-hearted (bilingual Arabic, English) insight into the wonderful world of Lebanese and their rule-breaking tendencies and enormous egos.

In The Abou Abed Joke Book 2, Abou Abed, with his famous tarbouche and moustache delights us with his escapades. He spends his time in a Beirut coffee shop with his friend Abou Steif, where they tell each other far-fetched stories over endless cups of tea.

Witness Em Abed as she rises to stardom, turning the tables on the legacy of Abou Abed in Em Abeds Revenge. With a compilation of thirty side-splitting jokes, this time, Em Abed is the starlet and most of the time Abou Abed is the punch line or the punching bag!
Weight: 1.2 Kgs.
Book: Mmoires d cureuil, by Lamia Charlebois
Brand: Les Editions Noir sur Blanc
Mmoires dcureuil is Lamia Charleboiss (Ghantous) first book. Lamia is a Public Relations Consultant, journalist, speaker and former CBC radio commentator.

Mmoires dcureuil is a series of thoughts in frenglisharabic that change according to the news, the weather, different moods, and funny observations by the author.

Overuse of vowels and punctuation marks, grammar rules violation in three languages, a keen penchant for squirrels and a weak spot for vodka, the author turns into the Dalai Lamia, Lamiartine, Lamiv Montemps, Hatcheprout or dith Piouf, while taking us to Canada, Lebanon and everywhere else in a joyous whirlwind of love and humor.

21 x 12 cm, 165 pages.
Language: mostly French.
Weight: 0.33 Kgs.
Book: Teta s Wisdom, by Hiba Chaarani.
Brand: Turning Point
Recipes by Anissa Helou.

Tetas Wisdom is a pocket-sized book filled with colorful illustrations and bilingual content that gives you a glimpse into tetas world of sayings, traditional recipes, and valuable tips for maintaining cleanliness and wellbeing.

14 x 14 cm, 64 pages. Release Date: July 2010.
Weight: 0.14 Kgs.
Books: Droles de Libanais, Jeddo, Wled, by Walid Kanaan, Walo, Bandes Dessinees
Brand: N/A
2 Bandes Dessines de Walid Kanaan (Walo).

Drles de libanais est une bande dessine qui propose une panoplie d'anecdotes relles sur des personnages ayant rellement exist travers trois generations. Toutes ces histoires sont vraies, bel et bien vcues!

Drles de Libanais, Wled

Drles de Libanais, Jeddos

Publication: Janvier 2023.
Weight: 1.35 Kgs.