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DVD: Samy Khayath TireRire BoxSet (Zone Free, PAL)
Brand: N/A
For the first time ever, after 55 years, Lebanese comedian Samy Khayath opens his box with TireRire, a wonderful CD / DVD Set with 12 hours of laughter and entertainment (5 shows).

Tire Rire includes 4 vintage plays and the famous Golden Jubilee held at UNESCO Palace in 2010. Mostly in Lebanese with some French (Samy calls it Franbanais), his DVDs (plays filmed in 1980, 81, 82, 83 and the 2010 Jubile) as well as the 1978 CDs will carry you back to war times where, even under the bombs, comedy was at its best.

This is a testimony that history repeats itself. This is a unique rare and unprecedented collection not to be missed!

Features: 5 plays (4 DVDs + 2 CDs + 2 booklets).
Format: 16:9.
Color: PAL.
Zone Free (No Zone restrictions).
Language: Arabic (Lebanese) and some French.
Subtitles: Resumes automatically word for word the dialogue.
Date of Release: Dec 15, 2015.
Weight: 0.8 Kgs.