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DVD Movie: Bosta, L Autobus, by Philippe Aractingi
The film Bosta (Bus in Arabic) tells the story of seven former schoolmates who meet up again after 15 years, to drive across Lebanese regions in a rundown school bus, which they repaint and renew as a wound they are healing.

The group is trying to introduce a new blend of music in their native villages, a mix of the traditional dance, the Dabkeh, coupled with a techno beat; a mix that embodies this generation that grew up too fast. This group of friends tries to bring a modern twist to the past in a world that has lost all bearings.

The bus thus takes its passengers across Lebanon on an emotionally bumpy journey of self-discovery and re-acquaintance with the multiple identities of their country.

All Zones, PAL 16/9
Language: Arabic, French, Italian
Movie Subtitles: Arabic, French, English, Spanish
Release Date: 2007
Weight: 0.25 Kgs.  Price: $21
DVD Movie: Gibran Khalil Gibran (PAL zone 2)
The Rebellious Angel: A series of 30 episodes on 10 DVDs.
The series describes the historical, social, economic and family circumstances in which Gibran grew up and how he witnessed then rebelled against poverty, ignorance, feudalism and injustice. This led him to form his own philosophy on the concepts of love and rebellion. The title of the series, 'The Rebellious Angel' really expresses the two facets of this philosophy.

It shows the period ranging from before Gibran’s birth until his first successes in the world of art and literature. What are the difficulties encountered and the challenges he has faced since his childhood and adolescence? What circumstances and what people have influenced him and made him the person we know? The series tries to answer these questions in a highly dramatic and artistic manner with the help of its literature and art as well as studies that the author did in Lebanon and the United States of America.
Zone 2, PAL
Weight: 0.7 Kgs.  Price: $103
DVD Movie: Marcedes By Hadi Zaccak
60 years of the Contemporary History of Lebanon seen throughout the story of the Mercedes Ponton (the 180 model) and its German-Lebanese 'family' locally called 'Marcedes'.
Marcedes: the story of a car, a family, a country.


-Best Arab Documentary
FIPRESCI (the International Federation of Film Critics) Prize
Dubai International Film Festival 2011

-AlJazeera Documentary Channel Award for Best Long Film
AlJazeera International Documentary Festival, Doha 2012

-2nd Best Documentary Prize
International Meeting for Arab Cinema-Nabeul,Tunisia 2012

-Discover Our World Award
Best Feature Documentaries Category
Monaco Charity Film Festival, Monaco 2012

-Originality Award
Europe Orient Documentary Festival, Morocco, 2015

All Zones.
Language: Arabic
Movie Subtitles: English/ French/ Spanish
Date of Production: 2011
DVD Release Date: 2015
Weight: 0.5 Kgs.  Price: $25
DVD Movie: War on War by Maroun Baghdadi
The camera wanders through streets standing witness to a war that has destroyed a city and an entire nation.

Bagdadi goes to war against the Lebanese civil war, exploring different locations and situations in a country faced with its own demise.

The poetic text raises questions of life and death through contrasting images of violent death and the will to live.

All Zones, PAL
Language: Arabic
Movie Subtitles: French, English
Duration: 27 min
Release Date: 1978
Weight: 0.25 Kgs.  Price: $22
DVD Movie: Whispers, Hamasat, by Maroun Baghdadi
Whispers follows the Lebanese poet Nadia Tueni (1935-1983) on a journey across different regions of war-torn Lebanon.

The film depicts the fall of a country struggling to survive and find hope. At every station, between sites filled with poetry and nostalgia for a bygone era, the poet’s dashed dreams and idealized vision of her country coincide with the director’s own.

All Zones, PAL
Language: Arabic
Movie Subtitles: French, English
Release Date: 1980
Weight: 0.25 Kgs.  Price: $22
DVD Movies: Collection by Philippe Aractingi
Philippe Aractingi is compiling a collection of his early films, “Courts Métrages et Documentaires,” in which he shares, namely, Beirut of Stone and Memory: images of Beirut accompanied by Nadia Tueni’s poems (Gold Medal at the Jeux de la Francophonie, Paris and Jury’s Merit at the African and Creole Cinema Days, Montreal).

Also included are three movies which he directed for international television stations: The Dream of the Acrobat Child (France 3, B-SKYB, NDR), Grand Jury Award at the Beryte International Festival, Vol Libre (« Envoyé Spécial » France 2), Jury Award at the St Hilaire International Festival of Flight, Chemins de Femmes (« Le Jour du Seigneur » France 2), and La Vallée de Kadicha (« Faut Pas Rêver » France 3).

A compilation of 5 DVDs in a same box set comprising Bosta, Under the Bombs, Une Terre Pour un Homme, Ghassan Tueni’s last interview, “Courts Métrages et Documentaires,” and exclusively, Through Mothers’ Eyes, an investigative 52’ documentary produced for “Envoyé Spécial,” that reveals the hidden power of those that we have always assumed to be submissive and on the sidelines. A film that remains alarmingly relevant.

All Zones, PAL
Weight: 1 Kg.  Price: $80
DVD: A Tribute to Kamal Jumblat by Maroun Baghdadi
A transparent look at the life of historic leader Kamal Jumblatt (1917-1977) in a film filled with emotion.

This documentary was filmed on the occasion of the commemoration of Jumblatt’s death held at the UNESCO Palace.

It is an account of the man’s life in the public and political spheres that helps cement his place in his country’s collective memory.

All Zones, PAL
Language: Arabic
Movie Subtitles: French, English
Duration: 57 min
Release Date: 1977
Weight: 0.25 Kgs.  Price: $22
DVD: All for the Fatherland by Maroun Baghdadi
We're All for the Fatherland. Koulloula lil Watan.

This film gives an account of the Israeli invasion of Lebanon through meetings and interviews with common people and leading personalities from the south of the country.

In a satirical twist, We Are All for the Fatherland, mixes footage of the war and its ravages with cut scenes of young children trying to sing the Lebanese national anthem amidst armed conflict, military strategies and speeches.

All Zones, PAL
Language: Arabic
Movie Subtitles: French, English
Duration: 27 min
Release Date: 1979
Weight: 0.25 Kgs.  Price: $22
DVD: Documentaries Boxset by Maroun Baghdadi
This is a 5-DVD pack which includes Maroun Baghdadi's 7 Documentary films: War on war, Achoura, Kamal Jumblatt, Whispers, All For the Motherland, The Most Beautiful of All Mothers, The Story of a Village and a War.

All Zones, PAL
Language: Arabic
Movie Subtitles: French, English
Weight: 1 Kg.  Price: $107
DVD: Kamal Joumblatt witness ... by Hadi Zacak
Kamal Joumblatt recounts the major events of his life until his assassination on the 16th of March 1977.
'Kamal Joumblatt witness and martyr' takes us on a global journey from Lebanon, all the way to India, following the footsteps of Kamal Joumblatt, the Founder of the PSP (Progressive Socialist Party), the Leader, the Rebel, the Reformist, the Thinker, the Poet, the spiritualist…
Kamal Joumblatt (1917-1977) becomes the last witness… of his own life.

-Best Director, Best Music and Best Editing at the 3rd Lebanese Cinema Movie Guide Awards 2016.

-Special mention from the jury at the 18th Ismailia International Film Festival for Documentaries and Shorts, Egypt 2016.

-Winner of the Francophone Trophy for the best feature documentary 2016.

Language: Arabic
Movie Subtitles: Arabic with English and French subtitles
Date of Production: 2015
DVD Release Date: 2015
Weight: 0.5 Kgs.  Price: $23