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Ghazl el Banet (Plain Sugar Cotton, Candy Floss)
Brand: Rafaat Hallab Sweets (1881), Tripoli, Lebanon
White plain Ghazel el Banat. 5 large pieces/box. Weight includes box.
Weight: 0.9 Kgs.
Box 800 g (5 pcs)
Kamar Deen (Dried Apricot Paste), Qamar al Din
Brand: Hboubna, Lebanon
Kamar el Din, kamardine, or qamar deen. Grinded dry apricots. Net weight: 800 g.

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- Nougat Kamar el Dine
Weight: 1 Kg.
x (2 x 400g)
Marrons Glaces (Candied Chestnuts)
Brand: Aziz (1955), Lebanon
Delicious marrons glacs. Whole chestnuts candied in sugar syrup, ready to eat. A delicacy many will enjoy!
Weight: 1.25 Kgs.
Box (1 Kg)
Marsaban (Marzipan Fingers), Pistachios Almonds
Brand: Le Marzipan (1965), Lebanon
Marsaben. 100% natural Marzipan paste. High in pistachios and almonds (over 50%), with a touch of flower water and sugar. Slightly grilled on top. A traditional recipe!
Weight includes box.

Preparation Time: 5 days.
Weight: 0.85 Kgs.
Box (750 g)
Marsaben (Marzipan de Zouk Flowers), Almonds Paste
Brand: N/A
Traditional handcrafted Zouk marzipan flowers. Made from 50% almonds, rose water, orange blossom water and sugar. About 45 pieces. Weight includes box.

Suitable for lactose‐free, vegan and gluten‐free diets.
Weight: 0.9 Kgs.
Box (750 g)
Nougat bi Festok (Nougat with Pistachios)
Brand: N/A
White nougat. Confectionery made of starch, sugar, glucose, stuffed with pistachios. Weight includes box.
Weight: 1 Kg.
Box (900 g)