Book: Mémoires d écureuil, by Lamia Charlebois
Brand: Les Editions Noir sur Blanc
Mémoires d’écureuil is Lamia Charlebois’s (Ghantous) first book. Lamia is a Public Relations Consultant, journalist, speaker and former CBC radio commentator.

Mémoires d’écureuil is a series of thoughts in “frenglisharabic” that change according to the news, the weather, different moods, and funny observations by the author.

Overuse of vowels and punctuation marks, grammar rules violation in three languages, a keen penchant for squirrels and a weak spot for vodka, the author turns into the Dalai Lamia, Lamiartine, Lamiv Montemps, Hatcheprout or Edith Piouf, while taking us to Canada, Lebanon and everywhere else in a joyous whirlwind of love and humor.

21 x 12 cm, 165 pages.
Language: mostly French.
Weight: 0.33 Kgs.  Price: $25