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Goody Pack: Arak, Wine, Verjuice, Sundried etc.
Brand: Terroirs du Liban, Lebanon
$90  $86
This product: delivery inside Lebanon only.
A rich selection of made in Lebanon goodies in a wooden box:

-One bottle of Arak premium (75 cl)
-One bottle of red Wine, Coteaux les Cèdres 2014 (75 cl)
-One bottle of grape verjuice (hamod hosrom) (50 cl)
-One bottle of pomegranate molasses (25 cl)
-One pot of fleur de sel with herbs (100 g)
-One pot of makdous eggplant (270 g)
-one pot of hommous with truffles (135 g)
-One bag of sumac baladi (250 g)
-One bag of zaatar qawzah baladi (250 g)
-One bag of sundried tomatoes (200 g)

Order this wonderful gift for any occasions.

Box dimensions: 28 cm x 38 cm

By 'Fair Trade Lebanon' NGO.
Weight: 6 Kgs.