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Book: I ll Love You from Afar (for Children)
Brand: Luqoom
Written by Racha Mourtada; Illustrated by Sasha Haddad

We all feel like we’ve missed out on our fair share of hugs and physical affection this year because of the coronavirus.

'I’ll Love You from Afar' is an ode to all the wonderful and imaginative ways we can still love each other while we’re apart–like using singing whales and writing notes in the stars!

With whimsical illustrations and rhyming text, this children's book is a sweet reminder for people of all ages that we can love each other no matter how near or far.

Ages: 5+

Format: 26 x 26 cm, 32 pages. English

Release Date: October 15, 2020
Weight: 0.5 Kgs.