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Book: Positive Lebanon, by Tania Hadjithomas Mehanna
Brand: Tamyras
For some time now, the Lebanese have been going through a rough patch, the likes of which the country has never witnessed.

Regional conflicts, political disagreements, numerous logistical problems, economic slumps… nothing seems to be going right.

As a result, a feeling of disenchantment prevails, filling the people with gloom.

This is a book based on all that is positive in Lebanon, everything that keeps the Lebanese vehemently attached to their country; proving that living in Lebanon still has its advantages.

From funny caricatures to out of the ordinary pictures, from exploits to beautifully written words, from jokes to anecdotes, this well documented and illustrated book will put a smile on the readers’ face and give hope back to the ones who have recently lost it.

A tribute to the Lebanese society and all these wonderful NGO and initiatives.

The profits will go to Lebanese NGOs.

16.5 x 23.5 cm, 392 pages. Bilingual: English, French.

Weight: 0.9 Kgs.