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CD Setrak Setrakian: Piano Volumes I and II
CD Setrak Setrakian: Piano Volumes I and II
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CD Setrak Setrakian: Piano Volumes I and II
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Setrak Setrakian is a Lebanese Composer and Pianist with an extensive background of over 400 compositions. He was for 12 years Director of Ganatchian Music College/Beirut from 1987 to 1999.

Piano Vol 1 L. Van Beethoven

1. Sonata No. 1. Op. 2 No. 1
2. Sonata No. 17. Op.31 No. 2
3. Sonata No. 23. Op. 57
4. Sonata No. 14. Op.27 No. 2

Piano Vol 2

1. J. Brahms - Sonata No. 2, Op.2
2. Busoni - Bach - Toccata and Fugue in d minor
3. Khatchadurian - Setrakian - Sabre Dance
4. F. Liszt, La Campanella
5. F. Liszt, Concert Etude No. 3
6. R. Schumann, Criesleriana Op. 16

"Besides being a great friend, Setrak Antoine Setrakian is definitely an important musician able to write rivers of music without interruption, rapidly and instinctively. Setrak, gifted with an innate absolute pitch and profundity of soul, is always able to "read between the lines" and masterfully interpret life's moments. His music leaps from the heart, suddenly and instinctively, not always respectful of accademic rules, and is accompanied by a quest for purity of tones amongst the multiplicity of sounds. I am truly grateful to have known Setrak the man and the artist, and I gladly dedicate this page to his cause: that he might soon be discovered and valued.

Alessandro G. Simonetto, Composer and Pianist, proprietor of Kunst der Fuge.
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