DVD: Kamal Joumblatt witness and martyr
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DVD: Kamal Joumblatt witness and martyr
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By Hadi Zaccak.

Kamal Joumblatt recounts the major events of his life until his assassination on the 16th of March 1977.
The film takes us on a global journey from Lebanon, all the way to India, following the footsteps of Kamal Joumblatt, the Founder of the PSP (Progressive Socialist Party), the Leader, the Rebel, the Reformist, the Thinker, the Poet, the spiritualist…
Kamal Joumblatt (1917-1977) becomes the last witness… of his own life.

-Best Director, Best Music and Best Editing at the 3rd Lebanese Cinema Movie Guide Awards 2016.

-Special mention from the jury at the 18th Ismailia International Film Festival for Documentaries and Shorts, Egypt 2016.

-Winner of the Francophone Trophy for the best feature documentary 2016.

-Language: Arabic.
-Subtitles: Arabic with English and French subtitles.
-Date of Production: 2015.
-DVD Release Date: 2015.
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