DVD Movie: Bosta, L Autobus, by Philippe Aractingi
The film Bosta (Bus in Arabic) tells the story of seven former schoolmates who meet up again after 15 years, to drive across Lebanese regions in a rundown school bus, which they repaint and renew as a wound they are healing.

The group is trying to introduce a new blend of music in their native villages, a mix of the traditional dance, the Dabkeh, coupled with a techno beat; a mix that embodies this generation that grew up too fast. This group of friends tries to bring a modern twist to the past in a world that has lost all bearings.

The bus thus takes its passengers across Lebanon on an emotionally bumpy journey of self-discovery and re-acquaintance with the multiple identities of their country.

All Zones, PAL 16/9
Language: Arabic, French, Italian
Movie Subtitles: Arabic, French, English, Spanish
Release Date: 2007
Weight: 0.25 Kgs.  Price: $21