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CD Mike Massy Sary & Ayad Khalife: Naseej
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Bringing together Massy and the talented Khalife brothers Ayad and Sary in a joint composing endeavor initiated by Massy, Naseej gives a new voice to the Sufi poetry of Al Hallaj and examines the old Andalusian Muwashahat through a neo-classical contemporary jazzy lens.
The album knits into music verses from the famous prayer of Indian philosopher Tagore and features, in a vocal masterpiece, a duo gathering Mike Massy with the internationally acclaimed Lebanese Diva Fadia Tomb El-Hage.

1-Ya Mijana
2-Rouhmak Ya Allah
3-Gharabat Choumous Al Talaki
4-Ya Nassim Al Rih
6-Ajibtou Minka Wa Minni
7-Lawhat Al Ors
9-Salat Taghour
10-Ya Nassim Al Rih (Unplugged Version)

Album Release: 2014
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