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CD Mike Massy: Ya Zaman
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Ya Zaman marked the real debut of Mike Massy’s career. Described as gracefully rooted in nostalgia, the album was an immediate success, scoring the first rank on the list of albums sold in Lebanon for more than eight consecutive weeks, and remaining on top of the radio charts in the Middle East and North Africa for around two years.

1-Ya Zaman
2-Jazr W Mad
3-Law Fiyyi Tir
4-Soti Hareb Menni
5-Khalasna Ba'a
6-Ya Omr Lma Natarni
7-Min Elli Al
9-Ya Achikata Lwardi
10-Daye' Fiyyi Chebbaki
11-Ghayyer Lawn Ouyounak
12-Ya Omr Lma Natarni (Alternative Version)

Album Release: 2011
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