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Vinyl LP 33: Sabah Best of (Ajmal al Aghani)
Brand: N/A
Sabah's Best of on Vinyl 33! Exceptional recording, fully remastered following a complete analogue audio reconstruction for an outstanding listening experience. This Sabah LP was pressed on 180-g vinyl by MPO.


1-Aa Loubnan La'ouna
2-Aal Warka Khartacht
3-Aal Laylaki
4-Aal Nadda
5-Oum Tanelaab Basra


1-Ahla Bi Hal Talle
2-Aal Rayeh Wel Jaye
3-Marhabtein Marhabtein
4-Shefto Bel Anatir
5-Waef Aarass El Talaa
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