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Asal Sindyen (Oak Honey),  Orchards of Laila
Brand: Orchards of Laila, Lebanon
This product: delivery inside Lebanon only.
عسل سنديان. Luxury pure oak forest honey from Jezzine, South Lebanon filled in a hexagon jar, with a honey wooden spoon attached to the cap. A delicacy to order!

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Weight: 0.8 Kgs.
Jar (500 g)
Snawbar Baladi  (Pine Nuts), Grade A+, jGrove
Brand: j.Grove, Lebanon
صنوبر بلدي لبناني. Premium Lebanese pine nuts.
Bkassine, Lebanon is home to the largest and best-preserved pine forest in the Middle East. With just the right soil and climate, it produces some of the finest pine nuts worldwide.
Weight: 0.9 Kgs.
x (3 x 250 g)