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Book:  Seasons of Lebanon by Jamal Saidi
Brand: Turning Point
$40  $22
Lebanon: Four Seasons is an entrancing visual journey that presents the uncovered beauty found in the four seasons of the Mediterranean gem that is Lebanon.

Captured through the lens of renowned Lebanese photographer Jamal Saidi, these vivid images tell the story of a precious natural heritage to be cared for, cherished, and shared with the world.

While much of Lebanons beauty is boldly visible, far more lies hidden from the hustle and bustle of humanity, awaiting discovery. Lebanons Four Seasons showcases how much the people of Lebanon have to be grateful for, and how much nature helps to define what it truly means to be Lebanese.

24 cm x 28.5 cm, English, 2017.
Weight: 1.5 Kgs.
Book: And We Chose Everything Poetry Collection
Brand: Turning Point
By Lara El Mekkawi and Tala Smiley.

Various poets share their heartfelt verses about home, society, love, and loss.

'It is not blood / but spirit water / that courses through our veins.'

With poems that tackle poignant matters such as self-reflection, mental health, feminism, and social satire, this anthology encompasses a wide variety of subjects that will appeal to numerous readers.

These poets have crafted their words with utmost care. Some challenge the expectations and realities of living in a single-minded society, while others speak to struggling with anxiety and depression.

More still describe their ongoing endeavors to belong to new locales yet remain connected to their roots.
Each poem out of the 72 is filled with engaging verses written in a distinct style.

The collection includes poems by notable writers such as Zeina Hashem Beck, Hind Shoufani and Rewa Zeinati, as well as many newcomers.

Whether you are an experienced literature enthusiast or an occasional leisure reader, this collection has something special for everyone.

112 pages, paperback. English. Publication Date: Oct 2018
Weight: 0.15 Kgs.
Book: Harness Your Creativity by Nadia Tabbara
Brand: Turning Point
Lets get one thing straight, YOU ARE CREATIVE!

Creativity isnt a superpower that only a few possess everybody is creative. The trick is in knowing how to harness your creativity and put it to good use. It is demanded of us on a daily basis, both personally and professionally, and when used properly, it gives us a competitive edge.

Author, Nadia Tabbara, tells us that creativity is not something that a person does or does not have; it is a learned skill that can be taught and practiced.

Harness Your Creativity gives you 8 practical tools to better understand how to evoke and wield your own creative ideas. Creativity is not exclusive to art, but rather, it covers a full spectrum of idea-building and problem-solving in any capacity.

Through these tools, you will discover your natural creativity; acquire the knowledge you need to nourish it, the belief it takes to secure it and finally, the skill you need to put your creativity to action.

14 cm x 21 cm, 114 pages. English. Publication Date: May 2018.

Weight: 0.16 Kgs.
Book: Humor Bundle of 4
Brand: Turning Point
$50  $45
This bundle of four humor titles will get you, your friends and family laughing out loud. Enjoy humorous anecdotes on family relations, history and crazy tales about food and drinks in Bet You Didnt Know This About Beirut.

Take a closer look at Lebanon, a small country with big flavor; in You know youre Lebanese when with its humorous and light-hearted (bilingual Arabic, English) insight into the wonderful world of Lebanese and their rule-breaking tendencies and enormous egos.

In The Abou Abed Joke Book 2, Abou Abed, with his famous tarbouche and moustache delights us with his escapades. He spends his time in a Beirut coffee shop with his friend Abou Steif, where they tell each other far-fetched stories over endless cups of tea.

Witness Em Abed as she rises to stardom, turning the tables on the legacy of Abou Abed in Em Abeds Revenge. With a compilation of thirty side-splitting jokes, this time, Em Abed is the starlet and most of the time Abou Abed is the punch line or the punching bag!
Weight: 1.2 Kgs.
Book: Lebanon: Beauty Beyond Belief by Jamal Saidi
Brand: Turning Point
Uncover the compelling beauty of Lebanons breathtaking natural landscapes, cherished traditions and vibrant lifestyle through this generous coffee table book.

A powerful visual and textual memento of our Mediterranean nation, seated at the crossroads of Africa, the Middle East and Europe, through the lens of renowned photographer Jamal Saidi.

28.5 x 24 cm, 152 pages, English. Date of Print: December 2012.
Weight: 1.5 Kgs.
Book: Raw With Love by Malak El Halabi
Brand: Turning Point
Raw with Love is a collection of poetry and prose about the bermuda triangle of lust, love and loss.

The book is divided into three chapters, with each chapter being both a knife and an open wound.

Raw with Love takes its readers through a journey that brings them back to their first untamed cry.

Format: 80 pages, 14 cm x 21 cm, English

Published: April 2020.
Weight: 0.25 Kgs.
Book: Sitt Sobhiye and the Quest, for Children
Brand: Turning Point
Sitt Sobhiye and the Quest for the White Horse by Karim Al Dahdah: an enchanting Lebanese fairy tale written for the young and for the young at heart.

A Lebanese village faces a big problem: its fortune teller, Sitt Sobhiye, can no longer see a white horse in her coffee cup! If it is not found, the village girls may never marry.

Farida, a strong and determined girl, is sent on a long journey to find a magical creature and restore harmony and order in her village.

Book is Bilingual (English and Arabic), 32 pages. Date of Release: November 2013.

Age 8 and above.
Weight: 0.5 Kgs.
Book: Teta s Wisdom, by Hiba Chaarani.
Brand: Turning Point
Recipes by Anissa Helou.

Tetas Wisdom is a pocket-sized book filled with colorful illustrations and bilingual content that gives you a glimpse into tetas world of sayings, traditional recipes, and valuable tips for maintaining cleanliness and wellbeing.

14 x 14 cm, 64 pages. Release Date: July 2010.
Weight: 0.14 Kgs.
Book: The Complete Opposite of Everything, by Nour Abou Fayad
Brand: Turning Point
The Complete Opposite of Everything is a story of two star-crossed university students, Adam and Yasmin, whose lives collide one day in a Beirut coffee shop.
Adam is a young man who never gets scared, and doesnt cry. But, lately he cant stop crying and his anxiety is reaching alarming levels. His friend Rami, who wants to party all the time, is no help. When he meets Yasmin, reconnecting with her roots in Lebanon, he is offered a life-line. Yasmin is living with General Anxiety Disorder, and understands what Adam is going through, even when he doesnt. But can two people, both with minds that cant be fully trusted, stay together?

Format: Paperback, 14x21 cm, 320 pages

Published: October 2019
Weight: 0.5 Kgs.
Book: Trust Your Journey By Sana AlBuainain
New Release
Brand: N/A
Trust Your Journey is a collection of thought provoking daily inspirations, guiding you to connect with your souls purpose, to live the best version of yourself and to better understand your mind, body, and heart connection. The perceptive messages are grouped within six chapters; Letting Go, Beginning, Dreaming, Connecting, Loving and Becoming. Each inspiration is followed by self-connecting questions that can be practiced in your day-to-day life.

Written by Dr. Sana Albuainian, whose life philosophy gained through many years of professional and personal challenges and growth, meshes principles of self-development, spirituality, and mindfulness. Her inspiring words encourage you to reach for your dreams, to discover your true calling, to trust your intuition, and to follow an authentic and fulfilling life journey.

Whatever your role, your pathway in life, or your personal philosophy, Trust Your Journey, challenges you to look deep within yourself and uncover the transformative power of soul alignment.

180 pages. Date of Release: April 2021.
Weight: 0.5 Kgs.
Book: Wander Beirut by Lynn Soubra, Guidebook
Brand: Turning Point
Illustrated and Designed by Yasmine Darwiche.

What to drink, eat, visit and shop.

Beirut is, undoubtedly, one of the most talked about cities in the world. It continuously births vivid stories that become the subject of worldwide discussion.

From the tumultuous Civil War era and political discordances that shape its legacy, to the more recent triumphant cultural expressions led by talented thinkers and artists, the small city of Beirut is a tireless creator of far-reaching anecdotes that demand to be examined and explored.

Lynn and Yasmine, two locals and dear friends, joined forces to co-create this guidebook, a product of their mutual appreciation and love for the capital.

Format: Paperback, 224 pages, 14 x 21 cm

Published: May 2019
Weight: 0.33 Kgs.
Books: Bundle by Fatima Sharafeddine, for Children
Brand: Turning Point
Stories from around the world. Bundle of five traditional stories from China, the Celtic civilization, Greece, Brazil and Japan.

Book 1: ورقة القيقب الحمراء
Book 2: قيثارة الملك
Book 3: حكاية قفص
Book 4: أميرة في صندوق
Book 5: الرجل الذي يجعل أشجار الكرز تزهر

Language: Arabic
Format: 24 cm x 35 cm
Weight: 1 Kg.