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Asal Sindyen (Oak Honey),  Orchards of Laila
Brand: Orchards of Laila, Lebanon
This product: delivery inside Lebanon only.
عسل سنديان. Luxury pure oak forest honey from Jezzine, South Lebanon filled in a hexagon jar, with a honey wooden spoon attached to the cap. A delicacy to order!

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Weight: 0.8 Kgs.
Jar (500 g)
Baklawa Mixed Pistachios TIN Gift Box (Oriental Sweets)
Brand: Rafaat Hallab Sweets (1881), Tripoli, Lebanon
Traditional Lebanese baklava stuffed with pistachios, in a square Tin box. Order / buy this baklava box as a gift. Net Weight: 1,850 g.

N.B: some baklawa varieties in this box may not be available and might be replaced by other ones.
Weight: 2.5 Kgs.
Box (2 kg)
Book: Cinema in Lebanon, Liban, by Raphael Millet
Brand: N/A
Cinema in Lebanon, Le cinma au Liban.

11 Conversations with Mario Haddad, Georges Nasser, Mounir Maasri, Jocelyne Saab, Jean-Claude Codsi, Ghassan Salhab, Mohamed Soueid, Ziad Doueiri, Joana Hadjithomas & Khalil Joreige, Nadine Labaki, Georges Schoucair.

Cinema in Lebanon recounts a tumultuous history starting in 1897, the year Alexandre Promio creates the first movie ever filmed in Lebanon for the Lumire Brothers, up until 2015.

This bilingual work offers an in-depth exploration of the subject supported by a large iconographic selection, eleven exclusive conversations with key figures of the film industry - directors, producers, actors, cinema operators - and an extensive filmography.

With this book, Raphal Millet rewrites the history of cinema in Lebanon in the broader context of film history.

Chronologically, the author introduces us to the very beginning of cinema, the Golden Age, the war and post-war periods, highlighting the determination and ingenuity of this industry that knew how to resist, survive, and self renew.

Speaking to a large readership, from the general public to the experts, Cinema in Lebanon offers detailed analyses of movies, an essential contextualisation, and access to exclusive visual archives.

It is also a book that gives voice to those who have made - and still make - movies in Lebanon.

25 cm x 25 cm, 464 pages, English and French. Publication Date: December 2017.
Weight: 2 Kgs.
Cigar Holder & Leather Pocket
New Release
An X shape cigar holder in stainless steel and its brown pocket in leather.

Handmade in Lebanon.
Weight: 0.25 Kgs.
DVD Movies: Collection by Philippe Aractingi
Brand: N/A
$80  $75
Philippe Aractingi is compiling a collection of his early films, Courts Mtrages et Documentaires, in which he shares, namely, Beirut of Stone and Memory: images of Beirut accompanied by Nadia Tuenis poems (Gold Medal at the Jeux de la Francophonie, Paris and Jurys Merit at the African and Creole Cinema Days, Montreal).

Also included are three movies which he directed for international television stations: The Dream of the Acrobat Child (France 3, B-SKYB, NDR), Grand Jury Award at the Beryte International Festival, Vol Libre ( Envoy Spcial France 2), Jury Award at the St Hilaire International Festival of Flight, Chemins de Femmes ( Le Jour du Seigneur France 2), and La Valle de Kadicha ( Faut Pas Rver France 3).

An entertaining compilation of 5 DVDs in a same box set comprising Bosta, Under the Bombs, Une Terre Pour un Homme, Ghassan Tuenis last interview, 'Courts Mtrages et Documentaires,' and exclusively, Through Mothers Eyes, an investigative 52 documentary produced for Envoy Spcial, that reveals the hidden power of those that we have always assumed to be submissive and on the sidelines. A film that remains alarmingly relevant.

All Zones, PAL
Weight: 1 Kg.
DVD: Documentaries Boxset by Maroun Baghdadi
Brand: N/A
$107  $102
This is a 5-DVD pack which includes Lebanese filmmaker Maroun Baghdadi's 7 Documentary films: War on war, Achoura, Kamal Jumblatt, Whispers, All For the Motherland, The Most Beautiful of All Mothers, The Story of a Village and a War.

All Zones, PAL
Language: Arabic
Movie Subtitles: French, English
Weight: 1 Kg.
DVD: Samy Khayath TireRire BoxSet (Zone Free, PAL)
Brand: N/A
$90 Delivered -> (Goods: $80 + Ship: $10)
This product: price includes shipping worldwide!
For the first time ever, after 55 years, Lebanese comedian Samy Khayath opens his box with TireRire, a wonderful CD / DVD Set with 12 hours of laughter and entertainment (5 shows).

Tire Rire includes 4 vintage plays and the famous Golden Jubilee held at UNESCO Palace in 2010. Mostly in Lebanese with some French (Samy calls it Franbanais), his DVDs (plays filmed in 1980, 81, 82, 83 and the 2010 Jubile) as well as the 1978 CDs will carry you back to war times where, even under the bombs, comedy was at its best.

This is a testimony that history repeats itself. This is a unique rare and unprecedented collection not to be missed!

Features: 5 plays (4 DVDs + 2 CDs + 2 booklets).
Format: 16:9.
Color: PAL.
Zone Free (No Zone restrictions).
Language: Arabic (Lebanese) and some French.
Subtitles: Resumes automatically word for word the dialogue.
Date of Release: Dec 15, 2015.
Weight: 0.8 Kgs.
Game: Leather Chess Board and Box
New Release
Brand: N/A
A beautiful burgundy leather chess board with its compartmented storage cabinet, and wooden chess pieces.

Board size: 32 32 cm
Square size 4 4 cm
Kings height 7.5 cm
Weight: 3 Kgs.
Goody Pack: nd Chocolate, Dark Only Flowers, Plain
Brand: atelier nd, Lebanon
This product: delivery inside Lebanon only.
144 pieces. An elegant box of plain handcrafted dark chocolate in flower shapes. A wonderful gift to offer for any special occasion. Net Weight: 605 g.
Weight: 1 Kg.
Box (605 g)
Goody Pack: nd Chocolate, Dark Only Hearts, Dried Fruits
Brand: atelier nd, Lebanon
This product: delivery inside Lebanon only.
42 pieces. An elegant box of handcrafted dark chocolate in heart shapes, stuffed with dried fruits. A wonderful gift to offer for any special occasion. Net Weight: 400 g.
Weight: 0.75 Kgs.
Box (400 g)
Karabij Pistachios & Natef, TIN, Amal Bohsali (Arabic Sweets)
Brand: Amal Bohsali (1878), Beirut, Lebanon
Karbouge or karabige. Paste made of wheat flour and grinded pistachios, stuffed with pistachios, in a Tin box. Karabij are eaten with natef cream (included). Weight includes box.
Weight: 2.5 Kgs.
Box (2 Kg = 78 pcs)
Marrons Glaces (Candied Chestnuts)
Brand: Aziz (1955), Lebanon
Delicious marrons glacs. Whole chestnuts candied in sugar syrup, ready to eat. A delicacy many will enjoy!
Weight: 1.25 Kgs.
Box (1 Kg)
Marsaban (Marzipan Fingers), Pistachios Almonds
Brand: Le Marzipan (1965), Lebanon
Marsaben. 100% natural Marzipan paste. High in pistachios and almonds (over 50%), with a touch of flower water and sugar. Slightly grilled on top. A traditional recipe!
Weight includes box.

Preparation Time: 5 days.
Weight: 0.85 Kgs.
Box (750 g)
Saboon Zeit Zeitoun Baladi (Olive Oil Soap), Le Joyau d'Olive
New Release
Brand: Le Joyau d'Olive, Lebanon
100 % Natural Handmade Soap made with cold pressed virgin olive oil, elegantly packed.

A box of 3 luxury soaps of 100 g each: Olive Breeze, Green Tea Mystique, and Pine Charisma.

Le Joyau d'Olive soaps are manufactured in Saida, Lebanon.
Weight: 0.5 Kgs.
Box of 3 Soaps
Snawbar Baladi  (Pine Nuts), Grade A+, jGrove
Brand: j.Grove, Lebanon
صنوبر بلدي لبناني. Premium Lebanese pine nuts.
Bkassine, Lebanon is home to the largest and best-preserved pine forest in the Middle East. With just the right soil and climate, it produces some of the finest pine nuts worldwide.
Weight: 0.9 Kgs.
x (3 x 250 g)
Snawbar Baladi  (Pine Nuts), Snoubar,  - صنوبر
Brand: Hboubna, Lebanon
Vol. Discount: $78 for 2 units or more
صنوبر لبناني. Lebanese pine nuts. Snoubar is an essential ingredient in Lebanese cuisine.

Net Weight: 850 g.

Storage: Keep pine seeds away from humidity, preferably in an airtight container.
Weight: 1 Kg.
Bag (850 g)
Tawle (Backgammon & Chess Board) Small, Tric Trac Game
New Release
Brand: Mouftah El Chark, Lebanon
A small sized heavy duty handcrafted Backgammon game and Chess board made of walnut wood.

-2 15 wooden checkers
-2 dice

30 cm 15 cm 6.5 cm

N.B: Gently clean with a dry cloth
Weight: 1 Kg.
Tawle (Backgammon & Chess Board), Tric Trac Games
Brand: Mouftah El Chark, Lebanon
A heavy duty handcrafted Backgammon game made of walnut wood.

-2 15 wooden checkers
-2 dice

50 cm 26 cm 9.5 cm

N.B: Gently clean with a dry cloth
Weight: 3.5 Kgs.
Tawle (Backgammon Leather and Wood), Game
New Release
Brand: N/A
This medium-sized handcrafted Backgammon game is your usual perfect gift. Its heavy duty-case is made of cow leather-wrapped wood. Its leather interior is made so as to optimize the sliding of the checkers.

-15 wooden checkers for each player, 32 mm diameter
-2 solid dices
-1 leather-wrapped box for the checkers

Camel (exterior)
Off-white, Grey and Blue (interior)

-42.5 cm 22.5 cm 6 cm (closed)
-42.5 cm 45 cm 3 cm (open)

Manufacturing time: 1 week.
Weight: 2 Kgs.
Tea Box: Moucharabieh, Wood and Plexiglas
Brand: Mouftah El Chark, Lebanon
Originally designed and crafted to store tea bags with flair, this handmade wooden mousharabieh box can also be used to store and organize anything and everything, from nuts and sweets to jewelry and makeup, thanks to its spacious interior and 6 compartments.
A wonderful home decor item.

Dimensions: 20 x 25 x 10 cm

NB: Gently clean with a dry cloth
Weight: 1.5 Kgs.
The Buy Lebanese Box: Premium Delights
Brand: N/A
A premium selection of Lebanese goodies. A beautiful personal or corporate gift to offer for Christmas or any special occasion:

-900 g of Lebanese Pine Nuts. Brand Hboubna
-900 g of Baklawa Mixed pistachio. Brand: Rafaat Hallab & Sons
-750 g box of Marzipan pistachios with almonds. Brand: Le Marzipan
-900 g of Assorted Roasted Mixed Kernels. Brand: Castania
-4 x 200 g of Zaatar (dried thyme with sesame seeds). Brand: Mymoune
Weight: 5 Kgs.
Vinyl LP 33: Fairuz Loulou Piccadilly, Damascus ..
Brand: N/A
Fairuz Loulou Piccadilly & Damascus 1974 - Highlight, on Vinyl 33! Exceptional recording, fully remastered following a complete analogue audio reconstruction for an outstanding listening experience. Pressed in 2017 on 180-g vinyl by MPO.


1-Loulou Intro 1
2-Fi Ahwi Aal Mafra'
3-Kanou Ya Habibi
4-Boya Boya
5-Min I'zz El Naoum
6-Alla Maak Ya Hawana


1-Loulou Intro 2
2-Rajei'in Ya Hawa
3-Seif El Marajel Hakam & Mawal Fairuz
4-Nattarouna Ktir
5-Aal Hob El Hob
6-E Viva
7-Kan Enna Tahoun
Weight: 0.33 Kgs.
Vinyl LP 33: Fairuz: Lebanon Forever (Loubnan ...
Brand: N/A
Fairuz's Loubnan al Hakiki Jayi on Vinyl 33! Exceptional recording, fully remastered following a complete analogue audio reconstruction for an outstanding listening experience. This Fairuz LP was pressed on 180-g vinyl by MPO.


1-Hkili hkili An Baladi
2-Rejeet Al Asfoura
4-Fi Ahwa Al Mafrak


1-Ya Jabal El Sheikh
2-Rudani Ela Biladi
3-Assidat Loubnan
4-Bedna N' Kammel

An exceptional vinyl record.
Weight: 0.33 Kgs.
Wine:  Chateau Marsyas, 2 Btls Red & White, Nada Debs pack
Brand: N/A
This product: delivery inside Lebanon only.
1 bottle of Chateau Marsyas Red wine 2015 and 1 bottle of Chateau Marsyas White wine 2016 in an elegant carton pack by Nada Debs.
Weight: 2.5 Kgs.
Pack (2 Btls)
Wine: Chateau Sanctus, Bordeaux 2005, Red
New Release
Brand: N/A
This product: delivery inside Lebanon only.
Vol. Discount: $48 for 6 units or more
A great certified full-bodied organic red wine from Batroun to order, made from 70% Cabernet Sauvignon, 25% Cabernet Franc and 5% Merlot grapes. Aged 24 months in oak barrels. Decant to fully enjoy.
Weight: 1.5 Kgs.
Btl (75 cl)
Wine: Chateau Sanctus, Red Coffret of 3 Bottles
Brand: N/A
$75  $70
This product: delivery inside Lebanon only.
A selection of 3 bottles of organic red wine by Chateau Sanctus: 1 bottle of Grenache 2016, 1 bottle of Syrah 2008, and 1 bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon 2008 aged 12 months in oak barrels.

Check out all Chateau Sanctus Wines
Weight: 5 Kgs.
Gift Pack
Wine: Ixsir, Grande Reserve 2014, Red
Brand: N/A
This product: delivery inside Lebanon only.
Vol. Discount: $17.5 for 6 units or more
Rich in minerals and saturated with Mediterranean character, this Ixsir red wine unleashes exuberant aromas of mature fruits and spices.

A wonderful gift to offer to your family and friends.
Weight: 1.5 Kgs.
Btl (75 cl)
Zaafaran (Saffron), Grade A+,  Safran, 5 g
Brand: Safran du Liban
زعفران. All red pure Saffron spice with a distinct flavor. Use as a seasoning or coloring in your dishes.

Lebanons first saffron project accomplished the unthinkable: attain the finest quality in terms of color and flavor (A+) while having a socially responsible impact on local communities.

This organic and healthy saffron can be found at several renowned restaurants around the globe.

It will retain its high quality for 3 years.

Also available:
-Saffron, Grade A+, 10 g
Weight: 0.1 Kgs.
x 5 grams