The Buy Lebanese Box: Breakfast for 2 (Terwika)
Brand: N/A
Order a traditional Lebanese Breakfast (for 2 people) shipped from Lebanon, in a box.
Surprise your loved ones!

-2 Manouche (by Moulin d'Or)
-2 Boxes (50 g each) of Halawa Pistachio (by Mounir Bissat)
-1 pack (200 g) of Coffee (by Super Brasil)
-1 bag (200 g) of mixed Zaatar (by Mymoune)
-1 pot (250 g) of Fig Jam with Walnuts (by Mymoune)
Weight: 1.5 Kgs.
The Buy Lebanese Box: Premium Delights
Brand: N/A
A premium selection of Lebanese goodies. A beautiful personal or corporate gift to offer for a special occasion:

-900 g of Lebanese Pine Nuts. Brand Hboubna
-1 Kg of Baklawa Mixed pistachio. Brand: Rafaat Hallab & Sons
-750 g box of Marzipan pistachios with almonds. Brand: Le Marzipan
-900 g of Assorted Roasted Mixed Kernels. Brand: Castania
-1 Kg (5 x 200 g) of Zaatar (dried thyme with sesame seeds). Brand: Le Duc des Oliviers
Weight: 5 Kgs.