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Book: Le Grand Livre de la Cuisine Moyen-Orientale (Collectif)
New Release
Brand: N/A
Le livre de référence de la cuisine moyen-orientale ! 12 pays et plus de 180 recettes généreuses et authentiques: apéro et entrées, soupes, viandes, riz, légumes, féculents et desserts. Des infos sur l’origine des recettes, des astuces et des variantes.

De très nombreuses photos et des pas à pas pour maîtriser les gestes. Pour devenir un pro de la cuisine du Moyen-Orient, apporter une touche d’exotisme à votre table et varier les plaisirs.

Publication: Janvier 2023.
Weight: 2 Kgs.
Book: Le Pays Envolé. Romans Libanais de l Emigration (1998-2012), by Dima Samaha, Livre
New Release
Brand: N/A
L'émigration s'est imposée comme une pratique libanaise à partir de la fin du XIXe siècle. Une littérature vibrante s'est depuis construite hors des frontières du Liban.

Cet essai constitue la première étude comparative de romans publiés en anglais et en français entre 1998 et 2012, par des écrivains libanais ayant pris le chemin de l'exil après le début du conflit civil.

Il questionne les stratégies narratives, la fonction de la parole et les mécanismes mémoriels mobilisés dans l'écriture de l'Histoire, relevant d'un questionnement permanent autour de l'identité et de la filiation.

L'examen de ces romans publiés au lendemain de cette période charnière révèle les innovations formelles produites par une littérature caractérisée par le déplacement.

Date de publication: 26 juillet 2023, 264 pages

Weight: 0.55 Kgs.
Marsaben Dates, Apricots, Pistachio Crescents & Stars (Marzipan de Zouk)
New Release
Brand: N/A
Traditional handcrafted marzipan de Zouk crescents and stars: 1/3 filled with dates, 1/3 with apricot paste, 1/3 with pistachio paste. With a touch of edible gold.
Made from almonds, rose water, orange blossom water, sugar, dates, apricots, pistachios. A great gift for Ramadan.
Weight includes box.

Suitable for lactose‐free, vegan and gluten‐free diets.

All Ramadan Gifts
Weight: 0.9 Kgs.
Box (750 g)
Books: Droles de Libanais, Jeddo, Wled, by Walid Kanaan, Walo, Bandes Dessinees
New Release
Brand: N/A
2 Bandes Dessinées de Walid Kanaan (Walo).

Drôles de libanais est une bande dessinée qui propose une panoplie d'anecdotes réelles sur des personnages ayant réellement existé à travers trois generations. Toutes ces histoires sont vraies, bel et bien vécues!

Drôles de Libanais, Wled

Drôles de Libanais, Jeddos

Publication: Janvier 2023.
Weight: 1.35 Kgs.
Book: Unjunk, How to Raise ... by Bernadette Abraham
New Release
Brand: Turning Point
"Unjunk, how to raise healthy eaters in a processed world".

In a world where the food industry values profit over public health, parents face a tremendous challenge raising healthy eaters. Driven by the continual temptation to consume junk food and sugar, it’s no wonder society is facing a health crisis. Thankfully, there are rational voices trying to turn the tide. UNJUNK: How to Raise Healthy Eaters in a Processed World is a catalyst for change and a go-to resource for parents wanting to empower themselves and their children to make healthier food choices.

Health advocate, practitioner, and social media influencer Bernadette Abraham, educates the reader on the food industry, and explains which foods to avoid, which to encourage, and how to transition to healthier eating. Her practical approach, with feeding strategies and budget in mind, recipes, and even puzzles and games for children, offers a comprehensive and entertaining platform for change.

She provides guidance on how to UNJUNK your kitchen, buy, and prepare the most balanced health-giving foods, acknowledging the inevitable resistance these changes summon. Complete with proven strategies on how to overcome negative outside influences and make a collective difference, her debut book helps you break free from society’s afflicted food culture and gives you the confidence to transform your family’s nutrition and overall health.

Published: December 2022.
Weight: 0.66 Kgs.
Book: Beirut 1840-1918, by Badr el Hage & Samir Moubarak
New Release
Brand: N/A
Beirut 1840-1918, A Visual & Descriptive Portrait.

This Kutub book in 2 volumes is a history of the photography of Beirut from the earliest known photographers in the 1840s until the end of the First World War.

The first part is divided into six chapters: 1- Early Photographers. 2- The Second Decade: the 1850s. 3- The Golden Age of the 1860s. 4- The Dawn of Syrian Photography. 5- Resident Foreign and Local Photographers. 6- Professional and Amateur Photographers from 1880 to 1918.

The second part is historical, consisting of eleven chapters that describe numerous major political and social events such as sectarian conflicts, changes in political thought, bombardments of the city, Turkish oppression as well as economic developments, pilgrims, social life, etc. and a detailed topographical description of the harbor and its enlargement, the Old Town, newly built districts outside the old walls, leisure facilities, urban developments including a new water supply system, railway line to Damascus, the historic looting of antiquities, the quarantine system and many other aspects.

Volume I: Text & Illustrations: 374 pp. + [1], frontispiece plan, vignette on title page, 317 b/w photographs, maps, figures, 1 lage folding watercolour.

Volume II: 271 pp. 301 b/w photographs including 5 folding panorama + one double page watercolour, vignette on title page, biblio/. index, set fitted in a paper slip case in mint condition, new.

Date of Release: November 2022.
Weight: 2.75 Kgs.
Book: Wetland Birds of Lebanon, by Jaradi, Itani
Brand: N/A
A photographic guide to wetland birds of Lebanon. By Ghassan Ramadan-Jaradi and Fouad Itani

This book is the first photographic bird guide that addresses all the waterbird species observed in the wetlands of Lebanon up to August 2022.

It is designed to help both Lebanese and visiting birdwatchers to identify birds observed in wetlands such as lakes, dams, swamps, marshes and ponds in the country.

It is intended to be a reference to help distinguish between species that may be similar in appearance but are not necessarily closely related.

Published in October 2022. Hard cover.
Weight: 1 Kg.
Saboun Baladi Zeit Zeitoun (Olive Oil Soap), Scented
Brand: The Soap Museum - Saida, Lebanon
Vol. Discount: $40 for 2 units or more
Eight 100 % Natural Soaps made with the finest virgin olive oil and fragrances: jasmine, pine, rose, lemon, oud, orange blossom, amber, white musk, 100 g each.
Weight: 1 Kg.
Set of 8 Soaps
  Arrangement of Flowers:      Sweet Spring
Brand: Exotica, Lebanon
This product: delivery inside Lebanon only.
This beautiful arrangement includes baby roses, 6 Germini, dried flowers and greenery.

Box Size: D=20cm, H=15cm.

(Box color or shape may vary upon availability)

-Add: Lebanese Wine
-Add: Lebanese Honey
-Add: Chocolate
Weight: 2 Kgs.
Book: Forever Beirut, by Barbara Massaad, 2022
Brand: N/A
"Forever Beirut" Recipes and Stories from the Heart of Lebanon, is the new cookbook by bestselling author Barbara Massaad. Launched to support the Lebanese Food Bank and help families in dire need of food after the devastating blast and ensuing economic collapse.

Forever Beirut is a collection of 100 easy-to-prepare recipes that celebrate Beirut’s rich culinary heritage, its resilience, and healing power. It is Barbara’s way of honoring the city of her childhood, her dreams, her Lebanese family kitchen, and the food that roots her.

It is filled with stories and anecdotes about the customs, food, people, and traditions, with sections for soups, salads, breads and savory pastries, mezze, kibbeh, grilling, main dishes, pickles and preserves, and sweets.

Foreword by: Chef José Andrés).

256 pages. Published: Summer 2022.
Weight: 1.6 Kgs.
Book: Culinary Adventures, by Hanan Haddad
Brand: N/A
An everyday cookbook comprised of simple and tasty recipes for all, the aspiring cook to the seasoned kitchen regular.

Passionate about food since an early age, baking and cooking have been a constant in various phases of Hanan's life.

Organized according to meals, this book drives to the core of what cooking means to her - gathering people to break bread.

She loves to entertain and what better way to share her table than with a cookbook filled with the recipes she has collected from all her journeys and adventures?

Features recipes of soups & salads, cheese & veggies, meats & chicken, fish, sweets, drinks, savory pastries & breads.

Date de Publication: June 2022.
Weight: 1.6 Kgs.
Nougat b Loz (Honey Nougat with Almonds), Attié Frères
Brand: Attié Frères (1928), Lebanon
Attie Freres' signature honey nougats stuffed with grilled Lebanese almonds. A delicacy!

Ingredients: egg white, honey, sugar, vanilla, glucose, almonds, wafer paper.
Weight: 1 Kg.
Box (850 g)
Silver Bracelet:  Radiant Evil Eye + Engraved on the back, Mac Design
Brand: Mac Design, Lebanon
A women's reversible bracelet in Sterling Silver 925 and colored Enamel:
Evil eye on the front, and the following engraved on the back:
'In you is the glorious power to heel, to love and to protect what is honorable in life'.

Medal Dimension: 1.6 cm
Wrist Size: 15 to 20 cm (adjustable cord)

N.B: Store away from humidity.
Weight: 0.3 Kgs.
Malban Pistachio Loukoum
Brand: Riifai, Lebanon
$35  $31
Malban lokum. A confection made from molasses, sugar and spices. Covered with full pistachios and dusted with sugar.
Weight: 1 Kg.
Box (850 g)
Educational Game: Montessori .. صندوقي التعليمي مونتيسوري للقراءة و
Brand: N/A
An educational game for children to learn Arabic, based on cards and Maria Montessori's method.

يقدم صندوقي التعليمي مونتيسوري للقراءة والكتابة أسلوب تعليم تطبيقي سهل أثبت فعاليته منذ أطلقته في الروضات ماريا مونتيسوري. خطوة بخطوة يتضمن أدوات تعليمية تراعي طبيعة الطفل الفضولية والمحبة للاستكشاف، بعيدا عن أساليب التلقين التقليدية. الصندوق غني بالبطاقات المرتبطة بمراحل محددة بدءا بمطابقة الأحرف مع أصواتها ورموزها وصولا الى تشكيل الكلمات والجمل، وقد حرصنا على أن يكون مناسبا للاستخدام الفردي المنزلي كما للاستعمال في الصف مع امكانية اشراك طفلين أو أكثر في تطبيق التمرين نفسه سويا.

Released: February 2022.
Weight: 3.5 Kgs.
Goody Pack: Honey Gift Box, Oak
Brand: Plaisir de Miel, Lebanon
This product: delivery inside Lebanon only.
One 900 g and one 450 g jars of premium oak honey, in a gift box. A wooden spoon is included!
Weight: 2.25 Kgs.
 Mug and Bowl in a Tin Box, Opera, Images d'Orient
Brand: Images d'Orient
A tin box with 1 mug and 1 bowl in porcelain from the Opera collection. Among the latest creations by Images d'Orient's designers. A wonderful gift to offer to your loved ones.
Designed in Lebanon.

Tin: 12.5 cm x 21 cm
Bowl: 12 cm
Mug: 9.5 cm x 12.5 cm

Check out all our Images d'Orient products.
Weight: 1 Kg.
Plant: From All Y Orchids
Brand: Exotica, Lebanon
This product: delivery inside Lebanon only.
An exotic arrangement of 8 stems orchids in an elegant pot for a wonderful gift. For all occasions.

(Pot may vary upon availability)

-Add: Lebanese Wine
-Add: Lebanese Honey
-Add: Chocolate
Weight: 1 Kg.
Book:     Maguy Farah 2023 - كتاب ماغي فرح
Brand: N/A
The new Maguy Farah 2023 book. Astrology / horoscope. كتاب ماغي فرح توقعات ٢٠٢٣
بوابة الخروج من الأزمات

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Weight: 0.9 Kgs.
Book: Avant d'Oublier  2, by Georges Boustany - Livre
New Release
Brand: N/A
Articles parus sous la rubrique 'La Carte du tendre, L'Orient Le Jour 2019-2021'

Date of Publication: November 2022.
Weight: 1.8 Kgs.